Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Huaro Museum near Cusco and 2 extremely interesting pieces

Near Cusco there is a small private museum with some amazing pieces. One is a strange small skeleton with a relatively huge elongated skull and some other features that for many is reason to believe that this is a extraterrestial skeleton, personally i do not believe so but it is certainly not a normal human skeleton. See this article from Russian author Sergey Baranov to know how he met the owner of the museum, Sr. Renato Santiago Davila:
Beyond Paracas: Humanoid remains found in Cusco - Intellihub News

Listen also to Bob Newton's Radio Interview with Sergey; USOKS Internet Radio

Jesús Gamarra considers this skeleton one of the many evidences that ancient human beings in Peru are descendants of a lost culture; the culture in which giants and long living people once lived on earth. They were not able to survive due to changed physical circumstances on earth; so they had to re-adapt themselves, and this led to all kind of anatomical anomalies that still can be found in Peru. One of those anomalies is the elongated skull.

Another extremely interesting piece is the stone that sounds hollow, like a piece of metal. This same stone also shows vitrfication. Jesús Gamarra and I filmed the stone during a visit to the musem, see our video here:
HollowStone-Museum Huaro
A stone in a museum near Cusco, Peru, that sounds strange, like metal, it also shows signs of vitrification.
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