Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jesús Gamarra in Ollantaytambo

Jesús Gamarra is the expert that has shown me all the special features of the megalithic stonework around Cusco and beyond. He has been appearing in several documentaries and films since many decades. He produced himself documentaries and a film for peruvian television. Together we produced the "Cosmogony of the Three Worlds" and "Etemenanki The Tower of Babel In Cusco, Peru?"

©Jesús Gamara
Here you can see him with the crew of the History Channel while filming for Ancient Aliens. He showed them many special things in Ollantaytambo, but only got a few seconds on the series and his observations were of course rapidly related with the influence of aliens in the past, while Jesus' opinion is clearly different. Anyway, it is good he got some exposure and that his opinions are taken into account. A few months ago he gave a tour to  author Graham Hancock, who presently is preparing the sequel to his famous book "The Fingerprints of the Gods". See here and here. Of Jesus' book Parawayso we hope there will be soon an english version. In that book he goes into details on how the Americas are much more ancient than normally considered.
©Jesús Gamara

He also describes how the different building styles of the Inca sites correspond to different periods and how the more sophisticated styles correspond to times long before the Incas. Jesús is giving tours in Cusco and around, I personally can recommend them of course, his insights are unique, mind blowing and on the other hand there is a great logic behind his ideas and those of his father Alfredo.

Below I have put a few pictures made by him in Ollantaytambo. They clearly show what he means with vitrified stones.

Do you want to make a full tour on wich you can meet Jesús personally and on which we will explore the sites of  Cusco and the Sacred Valley? See the itinerary of the USOKS tour that we are organizing for next August.
For more info on Jesús Gamarra see here.
This picture shows clearly how Jesus' hand reflects on the megalithic stoneblock in Ollantaytambo ©Jesús Gamara

Detail of megalithic blocks at Ollantyatambo, showing molding ©Jesús Gamara

Detail of the joint on those blocks, showing vitrification ©Jesús Gamara

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