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The X-Zone above Sacsayhuaman and Cusco with Jesús Gamarra and Graham Hancock.

THe X-Zone near Cusco is not visited by mass tourism, but the more adventurous should certainly consider a visit to this interesting place. It is above Cusco, and there are great views on the famous giant walls of Sacsayhuaman. It is a bit further from Cusco than Quenqo, and close to the Moontemple. Leaving the road that goes from Cusco to Pisac you have to go to the left side instead of taking the road to the right towards the moontemple.
The X-zone is a hill from especially limestone, where we find several caves, two of them being bigger. The first is quite narrow, you will have to enter through an opening that leads down and than goes up again. Part of it is completely dark, one orients oneself by the walls of the cavern. To leave you have to climb several meters towards the top of the Hill. The second of the bigger caves is pretty long, but not completely dark as light leaks to the inside, and here one can find a few of the typical niches that according to Jesús Gamarra are so typical for Hanan Pacha stonework. According to some, this place was used for extraction for part of the stones of Sacsayhuaman. The cuts would be the proof of that.
The explanation of Jesús Gamarra is different. The features found in these rocks are not because of this being a quarry, but because they are remnants of a very early culture with global presence, and that are so typical for the surroundings of Cusco and for the Inca sites. The structures made in this hill was done while the stone would have still been soft. Studying the way the cuts were done it realy looks like how we would cut cheese or butter. Another feature is that the hill is surrounded by walls with the typical perfect fitting stones, that we see everywhere in and near Cusco, and in most of the inca sites. Why bother to construct such type of complex walls? Gamarra found this place so interesting that he and his friends started to call it the "Zona-X (X-Zone)". They visited it regularly in the sixties and seventies, after Jesús heard from his father Alfredo about the place. When filming our documentary the Cosmogony of the Three Worlds we also visited te place several times. See here a short youtube video, when we were showing around our friend from Australia Michael Whip. He came to Cusco especially to know about the investigations of the Gamarra's. The video starts with Jesús showing us vitrification on a rock outcrop.
This year Jesus and I showed around our friends and collegue- investigators Bob Newton and Anne Tittensor. They stayed several months in Cusco. With other fellow investigators under the umbrella of USOSK (see, founded by Bob Newton, we are all part of a group of independent researchers that are looking for truth in ancient mysteries. We are organizing a tour in August 2014, for those interested to see places like the X-Zone themselves. See; USOKS Tour Peru August 2014. Check the slideshow where Bob, Anne, Jesús and I were visiting the place.
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Jesús has become much better known now and his ideas are getting some international attention. He shows the sites to many people, explaining the special features and how this was interpretated by his father. Last october he showed famous author Graham Hancock several sites near Cusco, see here some pictures when they were visiting the X-Zone on another slideshow with Graham and Jesús, pictures by Walter Meekes; Get Adobe Flash player
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