Saturday, June 22, 2013

Could a perfect fit of continents on a smaller globe be a coincidence?

The Expanding earth theory takes into account a better fit of the continents on a smaller globe, and that this could not be a coincidence. In the video below Stephen Hurrell makes an analysis if this  almost perfect fit could be a coincidence: "The conclusion with this  simple program is that it is less than 1 chance in an Octillion".

This is the reason why I always say that the perfect fits on a smaller globe should not be denied and are not a coincidence!

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  1. Yes, the planets are born from the Sun and they expand as they move away when each new planet is born. Planetary expansion is the way it works, not the plate tectonic theory of the eggheads. All of their dopey theories always get proved wrong, since they are guesses and not real knowledge.