Friday, June 21, 2013

Details of Sacsayhuaman

Details of Sacsayhuaman

strange niches
decolored and vitrified pieces in the rock
right angles made or "pressed"into the rock

superficial structures that look like pressed into the stone

Cut like cheese

Structures in the rock that do not make sense

half a cilinder form made in the rock

More superficial structures "printed" into the stone


  1. those prints could be fossilized marks of metal from a spacehip that landed there. or a launching platforms once stood on those place?

  2. Not really, those marks are all over the Sacsayhuaman archaeological parque, which is many square miles in size. They are marks made in once soft, claylike stone, to my opinion.

  3. Being a geologist, is hard for me to imagine these "once soft, clayed like stones" in the positions they are all over Sacsuyhuaman. It is true geological marks are made and preserved in sedimentary rocks, before lithification, but what I see here (even though resemble the tool marks, ripple marks at a different scale) is something completely different. An ancient mystery indeed.